Internationally, renowned hotels and lesser known hotels & motels have been changing hands and brands for complex reasons/ gamut of compulsions. Similar grounds are attributed to commercial properties, going business concerns and cruise ships. On such occasions, what you need most is professional guidance, business acumen and a true well-wisher. This is where VAVA TRANSACT WORLDWIDE, unit of VAVA Tourism & Hospitality Solutions (P) Ltd. steps in with integrity and confidentiality.
Hotel Professionals, Cruise Ship Experts & a team of Licensed Realtors have come together to facilitate Real Value transactions for you.
VTW is represented by Kuldip Verma, CEO of VAVA Tourism & Hospitality Solutions (P) Ltd. based in New Delhi, Arnold Deutschl, President, Creative Cruise Projects International located in Hollywood, Florida and Anton Seiss, Broker/Owner, Seiss Real Estate, located in Jupiter, Florida. Arnold is also a licensed Realtor with Seiss Real Estate. Each has myriad of rich experience in their fields with excellent track records.
If you are looking for a smart deal related to acquiring a hotel or disposing your hotel; seeking to purchase or participate in a Joint Venture in a Cruise Ship Project, the VTW team shall be by your side handholding to clinch the deal to your advantage.
    Details & Pictures can be shared on request for:
  • Hotels
  • Cruise Ships/Yachts
  • Other Businesses
VTW’s associates in the US & Europe can also offer/find JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER going businesses such as banks, restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships, convenience stores, office & shopping centres, strip malls - as well as residential properties - whether that be single family homes, multi-family homes, town homes or condos. If you do not find what you are looking/are interested in - please contact us and we shall do everything possible to find you what you are looking for!
Come to VAVA TRANSACT WORLDWIDE for expert advice.
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